About Me

About Me

Model Baju Batik Terbaru 2015 -- My name Bayu pratama. I as an admin on this blog. I initially just for fun to make a blog. Eventually it all turned into a hobby. I am only a beginner blogger who tried to keep up with blogs that have high rankings in google by posting as many articles as possible without copying the contents of the entire article from another blog ..

In this blog I try to give the reader information about internet related, computers and Search engine optimamization. Every post I present aim to provide the best for the reader. My goal took the theme of the blog about computers, the internet and seo for everything including my hobby.

Why I chose the theme of computers and the internet?

I believe this theme relates to online and many are looking for information about this through online media. of course with this theme I get a sizable opportunity to increase visitors from my blog.  and my hope is that it can compete with other blogs.

Why I chose the topic of seo?

I once bought a book about seo in gramedia. one support to improve seo blog visitors are doing and do a post about seo. Any course as long as the natural way I would do to get high rankings in google.

Do you need a bio about me?

If so, you can contact me at:

Name : Bayu pratama
Addres : Pandan bunut street perawang, kab. siak, kec. tualang,RT03/06, Desa pinang sebatang timur.
Email : pranatawahyu5@gmail.com
phone number : 0823-9290-6464
Facebook : Bayu pratama
Google+ : my account
Website : Model Baju Batik Terbaru 2015
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